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Dummy Records is a Record Label that does everything to promote an artist until success. We were founded in February 2020 by the Norwegian Victor I Rortveit who is currently situated in Dublin, Ireland. Our headquarters are in Haugesund, Norway and Dublin, Ireland, but we have no problem working with our costumers online.
We will mix, master, release your songs on all platforms through our distributors. Our team will help you promote your songs through social media, and help you book your concerts and tours. We will also help you to make outstanding music videos, logos and cover art with the help of our friends in the media company LegendMotion.
All you need to do is to make and record songs that make you happy, and we will take care of the rest for a small price.
Victor Rørtveit

Victor Rørtveit


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Do you need help to get your lyrics out in the world and need a beat? Dummy Records are here to help. We have a ton of premade beats you can use to spice up your lyrics. We also do custom beats!